Civil Affairs Agreement Yang Isinya Antara Lain

What do you know about the civil agreement? Particularly with regard to the Sumatra area as an area under the supervision of the Southeast Asia Command (SEAC). The British were responsible not only for the reoccupation of Sumatra, but also for all of Indonesia, so it included areas that once sought refuge under the Southwest Pacific Command (SWPAC). But in practice, the British were freed from the responsibility of reoccupying areas outside Java and Sumatra because outside the two islands, the Australian army took care of them. What was behind the arrival of the Allies and the Netherlands? For the Allies and the Netherlands, Indonesia is in a power vacuum. Australian troops arrived in most cities in eastern Indonesia with NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) units. At that time, there were not many well-organized armed forces in eastern Indonesia. As a result, the Australian Army had relatively little difficulty in implementing its initial plan to prepare for the Dutch takeover. In the second phase, as soon as things return to normal, NICA officials will take responsibility for the British representing the Allies. The agreement was not adopted until 24 August 1945 in London. With Japan capitulating on August 15, the Dutch quickly urged the British to ratify the agreement immediately. However, in accordance with the Potsdam Agreement concluded a month earlier, the provisions have been extended in their content. The civil agreement became a factor in the outbreak of the Indonesian Revolution, where, at that time, the Indonesian Revolution was striving to preserve Indonesian independence.

The battle provoked by the CAA or civil agreement of civil affairs was: after Japan took place on the 15th In particular, the area previously occupied by countries belonging to the Allied group, including the Netherlands, which once controlled Indonesia. The content of the negotiations is the agreement for the transfer of Indonesia from the British side to the Dutch side, which specifically concerns Sumatra (Indonesian territory submitted by the South East Asia Command, SEAC). . . .

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