Buyer Broker Agreement Louisiana

unless a written agreement is provided between the broker and the client, neither a broker nor a lessee related to the broker owes any other obligations to the client after the termination, expiry or conclusion of the performance of the brokerage contract, with the exception of the liability of all funds and assets related to the transaction and the secrecy of any confidential information, that were obtained during the brokerage contract. (11) `licensee` means any person who has obtained a licence from the Commission as a real estate agent or real estate agent. (6) Help the buyer or tenant arrange property inspections. The sub-agency can only be established by written agreement. A licensee is not considered a sub-agent of a client or other broker solely by reason of the broker`s membership or other affiliation with a multiple listing service or other similar source of information. E. In the case of dual agency, each client and licensee has only real knowledge and information. There is no transfer of knowledge or information between or between clients, brokers or their related licensees. (a) respond to telephone requests from individuals regarding the availability and pricing of brokerage services. Notwithstanding the provisions of Articles 2985 to 3032 of the Civil Code or other legal provisions, a licensee participating in a real estate transaction is considered to be the representative of the person with whom he cooperates as a designated broker, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the broker and the person who provides for a different relationship or if the licensee performs only ministerial acts on behalf of the person. (6) (a) `confidential information` means information received from a client by a lessee during the term of a brokerage contract, which has been made confidential by the client`s written request or written instructions or the disclosure of which could materially affect the client`s position, unless one of the following situations occurs: (3) “brokerage contract” means a brokerage contract; which are provided by a person against compensation or against the right to compensation by another person. Has. Licensees must treat all clients honestly and fairly and assist a client in representing a client in a real estate transaction by performing ministerial acts.

The performance of these ministerial acts must not be interpreted in a manner that would be contrary to the brokerage contract concluded with the client and the performance of these ministerial acts for the client must not be interpreted in such a way as to constitute a brokerage contract with the client. (3) Exercise appropriate skill and diligence in the provision of brokerage services. C. A licensee representing a buyer or lessee does not breach any obligation or obligation to that customer by assuming that the licensee receives higher fees or compensation on the basis of a higher selling price. B. A licensee representing a customer does not breach any obligation or obligation to the customer by showing alternative real estate to other potential buyers or tenants or by showing other potential buyers or tenants real estate of interest to the customer.

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