Associate Contractor Agreement Definition

g) All costs related to the agreements are included in the negotiated costs of this contract. Agreements may be amended according to the needs of the government during the performance of this contract. (f) Responsibility for the incorrect disclosure of protected data contained in an agreement or that is mentioned in an agreement rests with the parties to the agreement and not with the government. Receive proprietary information from the Associated Contractor and communicate to the Associated Contractors the Contractor`s Proprietary Information, subject to applicable proprietary information exchange agreements between Associated Contractors, where such actions are necessary in both cases for the implementation of either of them. (8) If the contract is a space program contract (see AFFARS 5302), make sure for SMC that the contractor is not on the Contractor Responsibility Watch List (CRWL). If the contractor is registered in the CRWL, the procuring entity cannot exercise this option without the agreement (see AFFARS MP5309.190). (b) EPAs shall contain the following general information: (1) identification of associated contractors and their relationships. (2) Identify the program involved and the relevant government contracts of the associated contractors. (3) Describe the interfaces of the associated contractor by general theme. (4) Indicate the categories of information to be exchanged or provided. (5) Indicate the expiry date (or event) of the CBA.

(6) identify potential conflicts between the relevant levels of government and the CBA; Proprietary data protection agreements and restrictions on employees. (a) The Contractor enters into Associated Contractor Agreements (LCAAs) for each part of the Contract that requires joint participation in meeting government requirements. The agreements shall serve as a basis for the exchange of information, data, technical knowledge, expertise and/or resources essential for the integration of ____ (insert name of programme or project) in order to ensure maximum cooperation for the development of the programme of compliance with contractual conditions. Associated contractors are listed in (h) below. (c) a copy of that agreement shall be made available to the member of the contract staff for verification before the contractors in question issue the document. (h) The following contractors are associated contractors with whom agreements are necessary: (e) The contractor is not exempt from the contractual requirements or is entitled to adaptations to the contractual conditions due to the lack of a solution to a dispute with an associated contractor. (insert the name, address and program or contract number of the holder) This clause aims to ensure adequate coordination and integration of work by associated contractors in order to ensure full compatibility and avoid unnecessary duplication. See MP5301.601 (a) (i). You can find more information in the customizable requirement for permission to create a UCA template. 5317.7504 Acquisition of parts if data is not available (e) iii) Applications for authorization must be submitted to the SAF/AQC through the OCS at least 30 days before the issuance of an order. SUBPART 5317.7 – ACQUISITIONS INTERAGENCY: ACQUISITIONS BY NONDEFENSE AGENCIES ON BEHALF OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Contract officers must insert the clause of AFFARS 5352.217-9000, Long Lead Limitation of Government Liability, in all long-term purchase requisitions and contracts initiated with prior means of supply. See AFI 65-118 for the treatment of intergovernmental acquisitions, including acquisitions authorized under economic law.

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