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In 2015, the conservative “Eurosceptics” ensured the opening of a referendum on the continuation of the United Kingdom`s accession by arguing that, on these concessions, the Maastricht Treaties and subsequent treaties went beyond the vision of the internal market and committed Britain to becoming a “federal Europe” [17]. While Britain would remain “an integral part” of a “European free trade area of Iceland on the Russian border”[18], the official Vote Leave campaign and its allies proved victorious in the June 2016 brexit referendum. After rejecting requests for negotiations for a new accession to the internal market or a free trade agreement based on regulatory alignment with the internal market[19] in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement of October 2019, Boris Johnson`s Conservative government withdrew the United Kingdom from the European Union at the end of January 2020, and thus from the SEA. Although the European Parliament was set up by the EEC, it was limited to a predominantly advisory function and its officials were not directly elected. The EES extended the powers of the European Parliament to a veto on the accession of new Member States and agreements with associated States. The direct election of deputies has also been fixed. In addition, the EES has given more powers to the European Council, a body composed of the Heads of State and Government of all Member States. The Council may be considered as a single executive of the Government; the President of the Council is also referred to as the `President of the EU`. Thus, not only has the EES brought important institutional changes, but it has also made progress towards the political integration of Europe. However, the most important and comprehensive aspect of the SEE`s contributions was the timetable for the creation of a single European market in 1993. Further commitments on the distribution of rescued migrants will be the target in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, delegates say their goal is not to set binding quotas.

The European Commission will continue to coordinate the distribution and representatives will say that the telephone number that is called to redistribute migrants from Italy will remain the same. Member States are also free to withdraw from the agreement at any time. “It`s absolutely voluntary,” Seehofer stressed after the EU ministerial meeting. With its economic dispositions, sea began the largest commercial space in the world. It did so by allowing the free movement of goods, capital, labour and services between and between Member States. Before the implementation of the SEA provisions, there were some successes in creating an internal market, but many obstacles (such as different VAT rates) and border crossing still involved a lot of bureaucracy, making shipping difficult. The SEA was the first attempt to create a Europe without borders by going further to guarantee the Union that there was no agreement before it. In addition to setting up single market mechanisms – there were 272 of them – it has defined standards for the health and safety of workers, defined European research and technological development strategies and put in place environmental protection policies. That is why the SEA was an important step towards the creation of the current European Union, as it has made Europe a coherent and harmonious economy.

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