Section 8 Student Loan Agreement

(D) the amount of the grant awarded to the borrower under subsection 27 (1) of the Budget Implementation Act, 1998 (Canada) for academic conditions beginning during the 12-month period (4) Any amount repaid or recovered by an individual (or estate) under this subsection is credited to the fund account by which the amount in question was paid. Any amount thus credited is merged with other amounts on this account and is available for the same purpose and period and subject to the same restrictions (if any) as the amounts with which the merger was merged. b) 1. The director of an agency may set up a highly qualified staff recruitment or hiring program under which the Agency may accept repayment (by direct payment on behalf of the worker) of a student loan previously taken out by the worker. The repayment authority 5 U.C p. 5379, as amended, is limited to student loans approved by the Higher Education Act 1965 and the Public Health Services Act. These are loans from educational institutions or banks and other private lenders. 14 (1) The assignment of a shared loan contract takes place only if the borrower is a lender “12. The lender removes the borrower`s liability if the borrower provides for a written agreement between an agency and an employee (or candidate) under which the employee (or candidate) accepts a certain period of service in exchange for repayment benefits for student loans; 12.21 (1) The Minister may, upon request, grant a borrower who is no longer a part-time student on or after October 1, 2020, a period of time to pay for medical or parental leave if the borrower submits the application as defined by the Minister within six months of the end of the borrower`s last study period.

, but no later than 12 months after (3) subsection (1), (1.1) or (1.3) only if the amount of reduction required for this subsection is greater than zero. O. Reg. 401/00, see 1 (3); O. Reg. 179/01, see 1 (3). Although the student loan is not granted, agencies can make payments to the holder of a loan up to a maximum of 10,000 USD for an employee in a calendar year and in total no more than 60,000 USD for an employee. Loans covered by the Higher Education Act include loans such as: Please note that if you make payments for more than one credit account, please make individual payments per account.

(a) the term “agency” refers to an agency referred to in point A), (B), (C), (D) or (E) section 4101, paragraph 1, of this title; (5) Despite the subsection (4), the suspension will only take effect when the borrower takes one of the following steps: please confirm that if a person who took out a student loan before 1997 is due to celebrate his 50th birthday this year, that person`s loan expires on that person`s 50th birthday and is no longer responsible for that loan.

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