Agreement Director Traduction

Bachelor`s degree: school-leaver diploma giving university entrance qualification: scale, table, low-wage schedule: low wages, low wages base: union base: union rank and file, Basics (have): have ananment in your application pool: becken employment geographic area: job heckling area, grouping of many related industries beneficiary: beneficiary, beneficiary, beneficiary receiving a rebate: benefit discounted from benefits: enjoy (to) effective privileges: workforce needs employee well-being: well-being of employees be employees good falsch deklariert: assets misrepresented kompetenz balance: evaluation of skills gesundheitscheck: medical checkup medizinische balancez: medical check-up augenbilanz: opthalmic examination deepened social balance: annual bilingual employee report: bilingual re-ssen: repressand verletzung: injury injury: risk injury verletzung by shock: collision injury verletzung : Impact injury blockages: alkoholisches pay freeze Getrunk: gute alcoholic drink Raumbeleuchtung: well-bett erstes gute L-ftung: good ventilation sis siurs: good character bonus: bonus (13. Monat): 13th month wage bonus in Aktien: Performance shares variable variable variable bonus variable variable bonus nicht wiederkehrende: one-offmp sum variable bonus purse: employment: labor exchange (veraltet), boykott: boycott, boycott of the industry: sector, professional branch: industry sector streikbrecher: strike breaker, black leg brand: gross burn: gross budget salary sheet, detailed office of payroll statements (stunden of): internal office hours reiseb├áro: business office travel recruitment firm: recruitment agency gifts: gifts rahmen mit hohem Potenzial: great-flyer, manager with high potential rechtlicher Rahmen Rechtlicher Rahmen: senior legal executive: middle-senior manager Complementary pension fund: supplementary pension fund, e-pension fund: slush snow fund slush : cover broncho-lungen cancer: cancer: karcinogenic Bewerbung unerlaubt: unsuccessful job demand : ability to change Fehigkeit, Probleme zu lsen: Problem-solving skills Analysis-Fehigkeit: geistige analytical skills of the Fuhigkeiten: intellectual skills Humankapital: human capital carcinoma to asbest: asbestos carcinoma karriere: career, karriere advancement (development of): career development karriere (evolution of): career development karriere (perspektiven von): career prospects karriere, course of: career path paths (committee of): career committee kreditkarte “firma”: corporate credit card karte of wissens: knowledge mapping gefahren: risk mapping Fall h Gewalt: case force majeure”: Police Record Police Record (to) echte und ernsthafte Ursache einer Entlassung: real and just cause dismissal CDD (befristeter Vertrag): fixed-term contract CDD termingenau: fixed-term contract specified CDI (unbefristeter Vertrag) : unlimited contract: give in to / concede to single requirements: Single Zentralisierung / Dezentralisierung: Zentralisierung der Kompetenzzentren / Expertise Kompetenzzentrum / Expertise: Zentren of Expertise Ausbildungszentrum: vocational training training centre: training centre professional: interest assessment centre (CV): hobby zentriert auf kommerzielle Ziele: focused on commercial objectives ausbildungszentren kostenintensiv: expensive training center certificate of work certificate: certificate of work medical certificate change of employment: focused on business objectives: change of job change: looting costs: liability, charge charge (haben sie die….

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