“This is Parkinson`s” – The Exhibition

“This is Parkinsons” played crucial role in the process that brought “ParkinsonNet” to Norway.  Hear the testimonies.

“This is Parkinson´s” is an exhibition which challenges the current image of the old, whispering, drooling parkinson patient. Why ? Well in my opinion, because that image no longer serves the patient community,  inspire the scientific or challenge the medical and political. We need real patients to stand forth, with pride.

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2 thoughts on ““This is Parkinson`s” – The Exhibition”

  1. For someone who has had Parkinson’s for almost 8 years and was diagnosed at 38, this is awesome. You have captivated everything in a few seconds. I can so relate to Superman!

    Is there any likelihood it is coming to the UK?

    Would love to see it as a temporary exhibition in London somewhere. I am a supporter and fundraiser for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Maybe the charity could help with getting it a brief home in the UK?

    Congratulations on a fantastic realisation of yours and many others’ passion to change the face of PD and I am sure you will be very successful in challenging many people’s views.

    Kind regards

    Rachel Gibson

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