MY story

My story six years into Parkinon´s disease:

Original version without english subtitles :

“Nothing we have done has slowed progression”, says Dr. Stanley Fahn in this documentary made by myself and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation / NRK Puls. It drew a record audience in Norway. What do you do when suddenly you are diagnosed with an incurable progressive disease?  I did everything.

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  1. Anders, greetings from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Enjoyed watching your WPC promo video. I’m interested in showing it/highlighting it in my blog and writing a story about the ‘new face of Parkinson’s’ . My blog is and a typical format is to lead with a beautiful picture of nature followed by relevant quotes and then the story/post. So my next question is do you have a beautiful landscape picture you’ve taken of the Norway (higher resolution would be the ideal), and of course I would give you the credit for the photo in the blog. The best way to contact me with me by email at, I look forward to hearing from you and very near future because I would like to get this blog written and posted in the next couple of days. Thank you Anders, you clearly have a wonderful gift and I’m hopeful that you agree with my plan, best wishes, Frank Church

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