What Was Tashkent Agreement 4 Marks

Talks began on January 3, 1966 in Tashkent, with Kossygin initially meeting with Shastri and Ayub separately before subsequent summits. Earlier, shortly after the armistice, the Security Council adopted a resolution calling for the withdrawal of all armed personnel from positions they held prior to 5 August 1965. Kosygin stressed in the implementation of this resolution, in which the USSR was involved with other powers. When Indian Prime Minister Kosygin said that India would in no way abandon the Haji Pir Pass as it was of great strategic importance and had been won “after a heavy sacrifice of our brave military personnel”, Kossygin replied that if India did not withdraw from Haji Pir (and Tithwal), Pakistan would not withdraw from Chhamb and other Indian territories occupied by Pakistan and that there would be no so disagree. .

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