Collective Agreement Maple Leaf

Workers under the agreement will see wage increases “almost double the cost of living,” an additional $500,000 for job reclassifications, improvements to the health and social benefits plan, and a new system that allows workers to exceed overtime for days off, according to the union. The producer group “was pleased that Manitoba`s largest processor was able to reach an agreement with its employees, and there is no interruption to hog processing in the province,” said General Manager Andrew Dickson. This is the second attempt at a contract after another tentative agreement failed to impress workers at the end of 2019. The union reached an agreement with Maple Leaf Foods on November 19. Workers voted against the agreement at 65% on 2 December, although the expiration date is set. The agreement also confirms $1.4 million in pensions to supplement payments under a plan that the union amended in 2010. Maple Leaf Foods production workers in Brandon are celebrating after an 11-hour collective agreement with their employer. The president of the union says that the final agreement is well linked to the priorities of the workers. At the June 16-17 meetings, members of two Cappola Foods sites owned by Maple Leaf ratified their FIRST collective agreement…. View article The agreement signals the end of a seven-month tension.

“We are pleased to announce that a five-year contract at our Brandon plant has been successfully ratified,” said a Maple Leaf Foods representative. “We believe the agreement will continue to bring stability to our plants and our employees.” The agreement of this meeting was more acceptable to the workers. MEPs voted 89% in favour of the 12 January agreement and the treaty was ratified the following day. Workers did not appreciate the new bi-school wage plan of the agreement, Traeger said. Maple Leaf Foods hoped to reorient the plant to a two-day wage period to standardize payroll beyond its businesses. Banking time is a “creative” solution to the company`s workforce needs, Traeger noted. Normally, we would meet with all our members to discuss the proposals as a group, but with COVID 19 and health law, which is simply not possible. The Pork Council kept an eye on the situation, he said, noting that a strike at such a large processor in Manitoba would hit the pork industry hard. “I think it went on the wire,” Traeger said. Press Release – November 27, 2018 At a meeting on Monday, November 26, Maple Leaf Foods announced plans to consolidate its Ontario plants by 2022.

That`s right. Article See article The meeting on 2 December was held in a room too small and with insufficient communication equipment, he said, adding that these issues were addressed when accession met again in January.

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