“This is Parkinson`s” – The Exhibition

“This is Parkinsons” played crucial role in the process that brought “ParkinsonNet” to Norway.  Hear the testimonies.

“This is Parkinson´s” is an exhibition which challenges the current image of the old, whispering, drooling parkinson patient. Why ? Well in my opinion, because that image no longer serves the patient community,  inspire the scientific or challenge the medical and political. We need real patients to stand forth, with pride.

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Lost in the jungle of therapies ? – My story on NRK TV

Click this link: “Nothing we have done has slowed progression”, says Dr. Stanley Fahn in this mini documentary on “Puls”,  Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation´s weekly health and lifestyle program, which drew a large audience on feb 3. 688000 people, or a total of 45 % of the television audience at that time of the evening, watched me as I struggle to find ways to…….yes……excactly…..”slow the progression”.  So why do I even try ? What is it like to be a so called “modern patient” ?  On the one hand little or nothing  is proved to be working. On the other hand is a jungle of therapies as large as the Amazon rainforest. What do you do ? Nothing ? Anything ?